International Project Audition Monologue - English Script

Scene Synopsis
                   Sam is trying to convince his best friend to tell the school that they are "Dating" so that he can be dubbed a cool kid and she, in return, will get the boy off her back. He believes is a win win-win situation but she's not convinced. Sam also realised this is his last resort since everything else has failed.

                    Think about it. We can help each other out. You want to maintain this breezy facade, I don't want to get my face pummeled in every day. It's win-win-win-win. All it would take is one good imaginary story and you'd be saving the bone structure of my face. Think of how happy my parents would be. Come on, It could be an imaginary rumour, a whisper or even just perfectly timed piece of gossip... Dealer's choice. I'll pay you. I can pag you whatever you want. I insist. I can make it work. I promise. And we can fantasize all we want about how things are going to be different one day, But this is today. And it sucks. And there's only one way out and you were smart enough to think of it. Please. Help me. I can't take another day of this. I don't know what the heck I'll Do.

Note : This Script only For Below Audition.
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Please don't Use For Commercial... Copyrighted Monologue Below Original Monologue Photo

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