Matilda Monologue Kids For International Film - WoB Script 60

Matilda Monologue Kids For International Film
Character : Kid Boy
Language : Fluent English
 Audition   : Apply Now 
Deadline   : Dec 21, 2020

Dailouge   : No, I'm sorry, Mrs. Jones, I don't eat that, I only eat cookies. You Don't have cookies? Oh. Well, mybe I should go home then. That's all I eat. Cookies for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Sometimes I eat two or three instead of just one.

My Mom says I'll grow out of it someday. I doubt it. I love cookies. My little sister is worse.
She only eats noodle soup. She sticks her ponytails in the soup and sucks it out of her hair.
It's disgusting. Well, tell jack I'll see him later. 
I've got to go home and and have  a few cookies.
I think it's a three-cookie-day.
See you later, Mrs. Jones!

Note : This Monologue Used Only For Below Audition

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